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RITON Customer Reviews/Testimonials

We are a small business breaking into a market with some heavy hitters - the mountain to climb is huge - but we truly believe we can provide a better product and experience for you the consumer, not to mention being the only Veteran Owned Optics company in the US. The opinion of our customers matters to us! We strive to deliver the highest quality products at the most affordable prices while delivering better customer service than anyone else.

Here is some of the feedback we've received from our satisfied RITON USA customers and fans who believe in our products, our mission, our story and our people.

Rangehot.com - North Carolina

RITON Optics - Affordable, Quality Glass
RITON USA, a Veteran and former Federal law enforcement owned company, sent me one of their RT-S MOD 3 4.5-18X40 rifle scopes to go over and see what is what. Since that particular optic has a bullet drop compensator for 5.56 I decided to mount it on an AR-15 that I have reviewed in the past, the Double D Armory SST, so I know how the rifle performs. To eliminate other variables I used match ammunition from Gorilla Ammunition, and I also know how it performs. Read More...

RITON Mod 5 4-16x40 Riflescope
Quality and affordable optics is usually a juxtaposition, but with Riton, a Veteran and former Federal law enforcement owned company, you can expect to get glass you can work with and not have to expend your entire gun fund. Read More...

Walter F. - USAF Alaska

Lets start with aesthetics. Out of the box and straight onto my rifle the scope looks great. As far as looks RITON is on par with any high dollar competitor I've had the chance to handle and it made me excited to go out and see it in action. Now on performance. The first thing I noticed was that the crosshairs have a crisp clean image and are very easy to look at. Thanks to your help with bore sighting the scope I was on paper with my first shot and from there it took minimal effort to dial everything in. The windage and elevation dials are easy to read as well as precise in their application; and made clean clicks as I was adjusting the scope. Overall I'm very happy with how my RITON scope performed; and with some practice and adjustments I know I'll be driving tacks in no time!

Charles G. - Arizona

Impressive optic even when mounted to a caliber it wasn't designed for. Shot solid silhouette shots at 500 meters with a RT-S3 4.5x18 from a 7.62 bolt action platform. Since it did so well at 500, we pushed it out to 1000. Guess what it did? Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit and Hit. 5 for 5. It's had over 200 rounds put through it, and reticle is rock solid, but the damn scope is built like a M1A1 battle tank. You're not going to break this optic...not in this lifetime. Hell of a job RITON!

Patrick M. - SWAT Louisiana

The RITON Mod 3 1-4X24IR scope was mounted on a S&W M&P AR. Clear and Crisp sight picture. Smooth adjustment through the 1x-4x power range. Smooth and accurate adjustable turrets. The scope seems to be well built and strong.

William C. - USAF Alaska

AWESOME SCOPE!! Right out of the box ready to set up. I had this set up and ready to shoot within minutes. After a quick bore sight I was hitting just 1 inch left at 100 yds. The clarity of the glass is second to none. It has great eye relief as well as a easy to read reticle. I would recommend to anyone.

Chris F. - Arizona

I was recently at the range and met the President & CEO of RITON USA. We struck up a conversation and he noticed my 300blk rifle and made the comment that it was far too nice a rifle to be using the cheap scope that I had mounted on it. He offered me the chance to mount one of RITON’s scopes on my rifle to test it out, of course I jumped at the opportunity.
After getting the scope mounted, I took it to the 50 yard range and sighted it in. I then took it to the 100 yard range and after only 3 shots was able to begin grouping very well with my supersonic loads. Brady then asked me to keep the scope a bit longer and after shooting it for a while, write a review, so here we are.
I managed to put about 50 supersonic 300blk rounds through it at the range and it held zero perfectly. Today at my range at my house, I re-sighted the scope and rifle for subsonic loads at 100 yards. Re-sighting for the subsonic loads took 5 rounds and then I was able to shoot a 3 round group, at less than 1 MOA at 100 yards. I haven’t had a chance to use the BDC reticle because I have not been to a range that extends more than 100 yards yet. The RITON 3-12x40 scope is built on a one inch main tube and features a side adjustment knob for correcting parallax, not always found on scopes in this price range. Precise, 1/4-MOA Hand-turn Tactical-Style, Zero-Reset Turrets-Positive click reticle adjustments get you zeroed in quicker and maintain your setting - even with repeated recoil. I really liked how the turrets and knobs are squared off at points around them, which made for easier adjustment. I measured eye relief to be somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5 inches with the scope having an overall length of 12 inches. I found the eye relief to be generous and consistent even with repeat shots. I’ve put 100 rounds through my rifle with the RITON scope on it and so far, I’m very happy with the results.